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bad news. an accident 95 southbound at the beltway. stay to the right if you can. taking a look at our live traffic cameras, this is where our slow down is. the beltway at old court road. the slow down will continue. let's take a look top side at the beltway. both directions here but traffic is moving. this will slow down here in the next few minutes. three people dead in a southwest baltimore fire. it all started on pulaski street. linda so with the very latest. >> reporter: fire officials have been able to confirm that three people died in the fire. a woman and two children. the woman was pregnant, the kids were her own. two young boys. a couple of minutes ago family members arrived on the
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scene, they were very distraught about what happened here. the fire broke out at 629 south police and i street. it was an intense fire when firefighters got here. there were flames, smoke covering the whole street. the fire jumped 11 low homes. some were occupied. it reached three alarms, took 95 firefighters about 25 engines to get it under control. the cadaver dog is searching for a fourth possible victim, that of the woman's boyfriend, we are told. so far, fire investigators have not been able to find anything. we talked with some people who said when they saw the smoke, they saw the fire, they ran to the homes, banged on the doors, kicked open some of the doors trying to get people out because a lot of them were sleeping. >> one little girl was in a bedroom.
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and the mother went upstairs and grabbed the baby. >> investigators are working to try to find the cause of the fire, and if smoke detectors were working. fire officials con firm three people died. a woman and two children. neighbors say the woman was pregnant. the two children were her own boys. a cadaver dog is searching for a fourth victim. we are live in southwest baltimore, linda so, abc2news. we are following a developing story out of howard county, this time a fire in columbia. inside the autumn crest apartment complex on stephens forest road. this is new video straight into the abc2news newsroom. one of the people injured in the fire hurt badly.
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firefighters rescued an he would determinely woman and a couple and -- in elderly woman and a couple and a child from the first floor. you want to stay with abc2news and, for more on this. including more video and photographs from both of these firefighters. one in howard county the other three confirmed dead in southwest baltimore. news time now 6:33. it turns out they are the best life savers when it comes thai mother and daughter in kentucky. a family's electricity was cut off, so they lit candles and fell asleep. their dogs became their alarm. >> i was awakened by the dogs barking. >> the cry this foster pit bull
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made was amazing. i have never heard a cry like that from a dog. >> everything that family owned now gone, but they feel fortunate the dogs saved their lives and everyone made it out safely. you have an emergency, and you call 911. unless you live in pendleton county, virginia. it is the second time phone services have been down in that area in the last two months. all because thieves cut copper lines to steal the copper. >> what is going on? >> my father-in-law got hurt by an animal, bad. >> what are his injuries? >> all over. i don't know how to explain it. but it is bad. >> anyone listening to that 911 call wouldn't guess it was a kangaroo that was the reason for that call. the 80-year-old victim and his family in ohio. own an exotic animal farm. his son said a 6-foot tall,
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200-pound male kangaroo beat his father in the face for about 15 minutes. the owner plans to euthanize that animal. they say it is the best day of their lives. two years in an iranian prison and there are a lot of unknowns about the dead satellite hurtling toward earth. what nasa scientists say about keeping a cautious eye in the sky. you are watching "good morning maryland." the only station bringing you live news, weather and traffic beginning at 4:30 in the morning. óo
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nasa now is pointing to friday, give or take a day, the space agency expects more than two dozen pieces of satellite
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to survive reentry and hit the earth's surface. but just where and when is still anyone's guess right now. nasa says the chance of a piece of it hitting a person is one in 3200. it is nasa's upper atmosphere research satellite or your satellite for short launched in 1991. decommissioned in 1995. i want to remind us, if they are still monitoring 2 2,000 pieces of debris are out there orbiting the planet. click on it and the name of the story is when will you hit and where. you can monitor the tracking of a sat lit. this yellow dot is said to be that satellite right now. we don't have the icon like we did in the past, still
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monitoring it through nasa is projecting a satellite to hit come friday. new video we got in from oman. americans josh fatal and shane bower remain in seclusion with their families. the two men spent two years in prison accused of being spys before being freed on a million dollars bail. breaking news this hour in two areas. one in baltimore city and overnight a triple fatal fire there, another in howard county. linda? >> reporter: deadly fire in southwest baltimore killed a woman and two children. i'm linda so. also we are following breaking news in howard county after a fire in an apartment complex. the number of people who ended up going to the hospital.
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a listeria outbreak we have been telling you about for many days now finds its way to maryland. what you need to know coming up in just a bit. last full day of sun, ophelia, you are breaking my heart, shaking my confidence daily. that storm is the not going to reach us, we'll let you know why and what we get in return, how about that traffic? >> it is car-free day all around the world but you wouldn't know it on the beltway. more when "good morning maryland" continues.
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this is your abc2news to go. i'm charlie crowson. with justin burke a check of a wet thursday forecast. >> reporter: i wanted to show you you ophelia -- you ophelia,
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this is coming from the gulf and preventing anything from the atlantic to reach us. this one we are watching in through hartford county. it rolled through bel air. getting heavy rain right now. more heavy rain we'll detail in our forecast. a muggy morning most of us, upper 60s near 70. >> reporter: because of the wet weather i don't know how many people are walking or biking to work today. a big slow down on the beltway. 695 at old court road, stop and go traffic on the outer loop from 75 around to edmonton. 95 at 35, we have the southbound traffic. the ramp to 35 is open. we have an accident 25 at the beltway. southbound two left lanes are blocked to you? southwest baltimore is changing
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there's people dead after an early morning house fire. now we are learning possibly a victim 11 homes caught in the blaze. linda so joins us live with the wrap-up. >> reporter: investigators are looking for a -- for a fourth possible victim. the victim was pregnant and the two children were her two boys. the fire started at 62:00 south pulaski street at southwest baltimore. it happened around 1:30 this morning in all, 11 row homes were consumed in this fire. some were vacant, some were occupied. this is an intense fire, reached three alarms. 25 engines, it took them several hours to get it under control. again fire officials confirming that three people died, a woman and two children.
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neighbors say the woman was pregnant. they are searching for her boyfriend right now. people who live here say it was a chaotic scene, they saw a lot of smoke a lot of fire. we spoke with two people who started knock go on doors, screaming for people to get out. let's listen to what they had to say. >> i ran up the street to make sure it wasn't my house. i get around the corn and the house is on fire. it was already covered in smoke so i went to the next house. jumping over the rails and trying to get everybody out. >> investigators are still trying to look for the cause of the fire. there is no official id on the
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victims. a cadaver dog is searching through the remains right now looking for a fourth possible victim, the woman's boyfriend. linda so, abc2news. a developing story about a fire this one in howard county. abc2news sherrie johnson is here with new video and information. >> reporter: i spoke to firefighters overnight. here's what they are telling me. they said the call came out about 1:30 this morning for that two-alarm fire. the first floor apartments were engulfed in flames, take a look at this video. we have all new video from the scene. the fire happened at ought stum crest apartment complex at 5638 stephens ford road in columbia. -- sun crest apartment complex at 5638 stephens ford road in columbia. three apartments had fire
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damage, but ten units are not livable right now. 34 people are looking for other shelter this morning and the american red cross is on the scene hoping to find temporary housing. firefighters say there is no word on the cause of this fire. sherrie johnson, abc2news. stay with for the latest overnight. we'll have new video. the web department is constantly updating from these fires. the slideshow is available there for the very latest on these two house fires. eastern technical high school and catonsville high, they are going to lose some cameras. hawthorne elementary and landsdown elementary are losing cameras. they plan to add new cameras next year at perry hall high school. the maryland transportation authority board will figure whether or not to give the go
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ahead on that. transportation officials said the hikes are needed to pay for repairs and projects. and the i 95 express toll lanes near baltimore. there is more money around maryland. it is credited with individual income tax collections with that hike. for more than a week he has been asking leaders to step up to the plate and do what he says is right. house democrats are calling on their fellow lawmakers to get on track. >> bring this bill to the floor. bring this comprehensive piece of legislation the american jobs act to the floor. let us act on it. let us move on t if there are differences, that is the legislative processes. the president's job
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creation plan is credited with creating new tax incentives to hire more americans. $100 can help you sleep better. that is all. one company is promising this with a new device that helps you get the most out of your hours you are sleeping, even if you aren't getting that many hours of sleep. the technology tracks your sleep patterns, analyzes them and gives you advice forgetting more quality sleep. nasa is now investigating the effects of long-term space trips and the effects of them on astronaut's vision. teens and young adults seem to be more addicted to texting but new research is now finding many adults would rather get a phone call. the survey found young adults prefer texting but ages 18-24 exchange nor than 100 text
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messages per day. the president is still urging congress to pass his american jobs act. at 4:00 this afternoon under armor will unveil a new state of the art basketball court. it will feature an under armor logo and nba regulation sized hoops. you may want to head to baltimore's book festival this weekend it runs through sunday in mt. vernon. consumer alerts for you this morning, it has happened here. one person in maryland is dead as a result of eating tainted cantaloupe from colorado. charlie the cdc confirmed a death here in maryland. as you will recall there was a major recall last week for cantaloupes from jenson farms in colorado after a listeria
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outbreak was discovered. the death toll has ries tone eight people. four other deaths were reported in new mexico, two in colorado and one in oklahoma. the cdc says 55 people in 14 states have gotten sick as a result of eating the bad can't cantaloupes. -- the bad cantaloupes. our hearts go out to their the individuals and families affected by this situation is what jenson farms said. news time now 6:53. new this morning facebook will unveil a new media platform. users will be able to share favorite music, tv shows and movies. facebook is expected it's announce that service -- is expected to announce that service. the pope is on his first state visit to the homeland. the poke will speak in
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parliament later which lawmakers have vowed to boycott in protest. the best perspective we can give you, because it is going to be really hard to pinpoint where these bands of rain are going to set up and when. a lot of activity heading into the weekend. we have got a tap into a tropical feed and another slot of energy here coming out of oklahoma and both trying to really converge, wrapping around the upper level storm, still sitting in through canada. essentially though, this thing looks like it will have potential to grow. very similar to what we had with the remnants of tropical storm lee were floating around the
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midwest. looks like the weather map the next couple of days. the wide pattern highlights this plume of moisture and widespread heavy downpours and thunderstorms up to the mid-atlantic. convergence of energy gets in here tomorrow. tomorrow looks like we are in the thick of it, fall officially arrives at 5:04 in the morning and it is just rain falling for the rest of the day. and as we take our into the weekend, look at the slug of moisture. any shift of this upper level low, could really make a big difference about where this ends up. at least the whole environment is primed to produce more showers and heavy downpours. if you get underneath some of them, you could end up with a quick couple of inches. a muggy start to the day, a muggy finish and a few breaks in the clouds could produce thunderstorms and heavy
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downpours. rain will redevelop overnight. upper 70s in toward the weekend. it won't feel like it with upper 70s and storms even 80 next week. our accident 295 at the beltway is still over on the left shoulder. a good idea to stay to the right if you can. this is the beltway at old court road south of 795. stop and go traffic here looking south. the stop and go will last until edmonton. outer loop is stop and go as we. you are slow top side of the beltway and on the west side of the beltway. if you are traveling 95 southbound out of white marsh, we have a slow down there as well. with all the cars on the road, you would never know it is car-free day. you are supposed to bike or walk, carpool. not everybody got the message. stay with
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now to new york for "good morning america." have a good day. ♪
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